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  1. The Best 5 Figma Plug-Ins for New Designers
  2. Building Socially-Inclusive Design Systems by Tatiana Mac | CSSCAMP 2019
  3. Cadillac teases new Escalade dash as giant screen
  4. Web Design Museum YouTube Channel
  5. Reimagining Design Systems at Spotify
  6. 24a11y
  7. Made In Figma 2019
  8. Marty Neumeier on The Futur
  9. Neumorphism in user interfaces
  10. Portfolio Tips – Reviewing YOUR Design Work


  1. React Drag and Drop
  2. React Native for Web
  3. 24-Ways - the advent calendar for web geeks
  4. Learn GatsbyJS by creating a tourism site
  5. Bulma CSS Framework
  6. Loading web pages fast on a $20 feature phone
  7. Free ebook: Are you learning to code?
  8. r/WatchPeopleCode/
  9. git switch and git restore in git2.23
  10. The Future of JavaScript - New Features and Disruptive Trends in 2020
  11. the odin project
  12. connected home ip
  13. 2019 State of JS
  14. Functional, Procedural & Object-oriented Programming - An Overview
  15. The best web feature of 2019


  1. WIP: the case for sharing your work in public
  2. How to read a book
  3. Everything I Know About Remote Work
  4. Open source workflow tool
  5. Public and open source frameworks and career pathways
  6. State of Startups 2019
  7. rowing a Tech Interview Prep Business from $0 to $300K in 1 year
  8. Managing Remote Teams - A Crash Course
  9. Inside Ikea’s big bet on smart home tech
  10. Using Notion as a Resonance Calendar
  11. The Most Powerful Productivity App I Use - Notion
  12. How to Create a Startup Pitch Deck


  1. There is no cure for burnout
  2. Digital Wellbeing Experiments by Google
  3. Burnout Prevention and Recovery


  1. Interview with Brianne Kimmel


  1. Notes on 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss