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  1. The Angel J-Curve
  2. Spotify Is Getting the Netflix Treatment
  3. SoftBank Group’s $108 billion Vision Fund 2 draws in Microsoft, Apple — July 2019
  4. How do we decide what to work on Notion
  5. The psychology of selling
  6. How to build a marketplace without code
  7. Tech Market News


  1. Workout Volume is Killing Your Gains!
  2. Is Workout Volume Actually Killing Your Gains? (Athlean-X Response)
  3. Mike Israetel vs Greg Doucette: Volume Killing Your Gains?
  4. FitMind


  1. A Trip Down Web Design Memory Lane
  2. Typography for Glanceable Reading: Bigger Is Better
  3. Meet for milkshakes?
  4. Root Wireframe Kit
  5. State of UX 2020
  6. Design Census 2019
  7. How to Become UX Designer — Step by Step Guide
  8. Interview with designer and tech founder Cat Noone


  1. A brief look at async-await
  2. React Spring
  3. Multiple H1 Elements in HTML5(YES!)
  4. How to deploy a Ruby on Rails application to AWS
  5. Public APIs repo


  1. The Lesson To Unlearn by Paul Graham
  2. An Antidote to Dissatisfaction by Kurzgesagt
  3. Silicon Valley’s psychedelic wonder drug is almost here
  4. Taking GRAPHENE out of the Lab - The Current State
  5. Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech
  6. MLB, union agree to opioid testing; marijuana removed as ‘drug of abuse’
  7. An introduction to metamodernism: the cultural philosophy of the digital age
  8. Kid


  1. Return Audible Books for Credits
  2. Wunderlist shutting down May 2020