Athlean-X and Supporting The Honest Givers

Shared in Fitness on July 13, 2018

I’m a big fan of constant learning. I obsessively watch YouTube videos on a breath of topics, religiously listen to podcasts that go deep into areas I didn’t know could be so interesting, and I will do everything I can to support the people that make this all possible.

Much of what I write about is a self-targeted sense of improvement. My main focus at this time is a physical improvement. My body needs to regain a sense of proper functioning, giving it the ability to support other areas of my life. I wrote the other day about a World Cup inspired workout, but I decided to rethink my real goals. I need to form a strong base. One that targeted, functional programming can benefit off of. I went back to an old resource for fitness information, Jeff Cavaliere.

Jeff runs a Youtube Channel devoted to sharing information. He does sell programs, supplements, shirts, and other items at his website However, he himself has said you don’t need to buy his programs to be successful. He shares it all on his YouTube channel and does a great job of communicating in a way you can trust him. I went and purchased his Max Size 90-day program because of his honest, truthful, and giving approach.

Day 1 is Monday, July 16 day 90 will be October 14. I’m going to share my experience and progress along the way both here and potentially in other places.